Interim Management Gestión (IMG)

The management is required to be excellent in the processes that imply income generation and optimization of the available resources. The daily working order impedes the dedication to improve this process.

Thinkotel has the best talented professionals with broad experience and that are suitable for your needs.

Business Interim Management (BIM)

Sometimes companies go through difficult periods which demand a different knowledge from the one we can find in our management structure.

The BIM program applies special experience and knowledge which facilitate management in those unusual moments for your company.

Interim Management Strategy (IMS)

Thinkotel helps you to choose the right course in long and short term. With the IMS program, after the diagnostic period, which include internal, external and potential analysis, we proceed to prepare and execute a strategy plan with the definition of strategic lines, objectives, projects, goals and dashboards.

Talent Hub

Certain phases or projects require knowledge and momentum from different areas. The Talent Hub forms a unit from Talent, Experience and Knowledge (TEK) which gives the project the 360 º view needed to reach success. E-commerce, Online Marketing, Loyalty programs, ERPs implantation are some examples of projects that need momentum and knowledge from different areas.

Change Management

Applying the concept of Interim Management, we offer qualified participation of our experts together with their government bodies and executives in the processes of change that the company would confront: cultural, professional, technological etc… We accompany you throughout the entire process to ensure safe and coordinated process of corporate succession.

Asset Management

Thinkotel offers you Asset Management services aimed at preserving your assets profitability and investments in short, medium and long term. Some of these services are: searching, negotiation and operation tracking, investment operations, divestment and ¨sale & lease back¨. Our technical cabinet offers: project management, planning and investment execution, energy efficiency etc…

Mentoring y Coaching

Pull out all the potential of your management structure with our Mentoring and executive coaching program. The Mentoring and executive coaching program means an excellent training that we give on daily basis in your organisation.

Shadow Management

Thinkotel with its Shadow Management program helps you to analyse the actual situation and guide your company in the better direction. Through regular analytical meetings, projects and actions monitoring we ensure that the company takes the right direction.

Head Renting-Head Hunting

We have a large professional network available, a lot of profiles with an extensive experience that are suitable for your business. Take an advantage of Talent, Experience and Knowledge (TEK) provided by our Head Renting program, and assure the success of the future recruitment.