Certain phases or projects require knowledge and momentum from different areas. Most of the time it is necessary to apply a Process management to be really effective.

Talent Hub forms a unit that complements it’s internal structure from extern Talent, Experience and Knowledge (TEK). That unit leads and enriches the project giving to it the 360 º view which is necessary to reach success.


The 360º vision provides the client control of the results in the different areas of work.

The relationships with our clients, characterized by their high degree of confidence and professionalism, are based on the integration in their teams and the orientation to results.

The permanent exchange of experiences with our clients constitutes a solid base for the successful development of all our projects.


The creation of value through the transmission of knowledge from specialized managers to hotel companies with specific needs.

The transmission of value must be carried out efficiently, effectively and flexibly through vehicles that ensure effectiveness and its realization in concrete and measurable actions.


The Interim Management guarantees the obtaining of results in the short term given the integration in your work teams and culture of your company.


Each projects needs different components, even during its development.

Talent Hub weights the efforts according to the needs.


We base our projects and actions on internal and external analysis tools, creating a framework for easy monitoring and monitoring of compliance with objectives and goals.


Experience sustains us, innovation moves us and makes us move forward.

Experience is the basis, having experienced exceptional situations, specific projects is the cornerstone of all our Interim Management projects.